Refund and Returns Policy

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Refund policy

Cancellation of Order & Refund Policy

For the purchase of products, the Customer may cancel his order within 24 hours following the purchase by calling us on 5836 4370 or 270 0585 during working hours or by mail at

We shall endeavour to reverse the payment back to client card or Juice account. A fee of 5% on the purchase amount will be charged to the customer.

Goods once sold are not exchangeable and non-refundable.

Returns & Refunds Policy

Returns may be considered upon delivery and subject to the following conditions:

  • If an out-of-box failure is noted for the particular product upon testing at the time of delivery.
  • If there is a mismatch between the product ordered and the delivered one.

For the conditions mentioned above:

  • The Customer must not accept delivery and must immediately return the product(s),
  • The Customer understands that the second delivery depends on stock availability, and where stock is available, the product will be delivered to the Customer within 3 Business Day.
  • After delivery, the Customer must notify us as soon as reasonably possible once he becomes aware of any defect in the operation of a product by phone call or email. Any request for a return will be considered solely based on the warranty conditions attached to the product including the following conditions:
  • The Customer must bring the defective product to FUTURESPACE together with the payment receipt and Warranty Certificate.
  • The Customer agrees neither to, nor allow any other party to modify or tamper with the product. Any evidence of tamper will be tantamount to material breach by the Customer and FUTURESPACE shall have no obligation to accept back the product.

The Customer must present the Invoice, and/or the Transaction Receipt and identification details (National ID or Passport).

Goods once sold are not exchangeable and non-refundable.

You may cancel the order(s) placed through our Website or Facebook page before such order has been shipped. In the event of your order already shipped or delivered to you, no cancellation shall be possible.

In some events, you can cancel your orders without any cancellation fee for reasons including but not limited to any damaged products, order mismatch, wrong products, wrong product quantity, packaging issues etc. In case you wish to cancel your order, then you may cancel the same by placing a cancellation request and stating a reason for such cancellation. We shall process your cancellation request and shall refund the amount paid by You towards such order. However, such refund shall be in accordance with our terms and conditions.

  • If we are unable to fulfil your paid order, we will refund you within a maximum of 7 working days
  • If a product is not available, upon your consent, we will replace it by a more or less similar product. We can also issue a gift voucher of the corresponding amount which you can use in your future purchase

In no event shall cancellation be permissible after delivery of Your order. You hereby agree that FUTURESPACE COMPANY LIMITED shall not hold any responsibility, liability for any cancellation-related issues. No refund shall be initiated for orders cancelled after delivery as a cancellation after delivery is not acceptable.

Once the product has been sold and delivered cannot be refunded, We always request our customer to test the product before our delivery team leaves the customer premises. In case goods are found to be defective or unfit for their intended purpose unless the defects could have been detected upon reasonable examination of the goods by the buyer. We will provide free pick up and drop to the supplier service centre (as the warranty is covered by the supplier or importer) and after exchange or repair, we will drop off at the customer address. 

Where there are no defects with the goods or has been exchanged, yet the buyer decides that he no longer requires the goods, the seller is not obliged to accept the goods if returned by the buyer.

Cancellation by Us:

(a) We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time with or without prior notice if we have found that we have insufficient stock after checking on our stock database.


(b) We reserve the right to cancel your order if ever there was a mistake on our prices, wrong product or reference or defective product.


(c) Should the situation under paragraphs (a) or (b) arise, we shall inform you forthwith of the cancellation of your order.


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